Common Issues / Fixes

Uninstall Application
Having issues with Verifying application? Try (Clear Click Once Cache)
Windows Security Warnings
Having issues with opening the application and nothing happening? Try (SmartScreen Settings)
What to do if you see an Avast/AVG DRep threat warning (See Avast/AVG DRep threat warning)
Editor Not Saveing?
Installed Location?

Uninstall Application
    In Add Remove Programs uninstall all versions of the application
    Navigate to this folder
    Rename the 2.0 Folder to 2.0.BAK

Clear Click Once Cache
    Complete the Uninstall Application steps above.
    Add to your trusted sites in internet explorer.
        (Yes even if you dont use internet explorer still add it. It helps later with the smartscreen issues.)
    Delete any desktop Shortcuts and run the installer again from (Or the link in discord)

Windows Security Warnings
    They come up due to the application not being digitally signed or not signed by a trusted cert authority. We cant afford a trusted cert but we were able to sign the application files so you know it came from us.

SmartScreen Settings
    This is a prompt from windows asking if you want to run the untrusted application. Windows does not trust us because we cant pay for a cert.
    When you get this prompt (It will be a blue screen saying Windows protected your PC) click more info then click Run anyway.
    If you do not get this prompt (Sometimes windows does not give the prompt even tho it is set to warn) or dont want to see the prompt you can disable smart screen (Not Recommended) or remove the ADS from the file
    To remove ads from the file
    You should not have to do this if you added to your trusted sites in Internet Explorer before downloading the setup.
    Go to %appdata%\..\Local\Apps
do a search for "SVEditor-WPF.exe" right click the "SVEditor-WPF.exe" click properties on the general tab click unblock then ok.
    You can check this webpage for smartscreen options

Virus Scan/Web Protection
    Some people have noted that they get a DRep message when trying to download.
    Basically this means that not enough people have downloaded the file for it to be considered trusted.
    More info on this site here

Avast/AVG DRep threat warning
    For end-users who download a software and run into this warning:
    This is a preventive error that does not depend on the contents of the file.
    Avast does not examine if the file is infected by a virus or not.
    Choose another download server or even better contact the maker of the software.
    Always scan the downloaded file with the online antivirus scanner,

To fix the error basically it says we can do 1 of 3 things
    1) Get more people that use the same virus scanner you do to download the file
    2) Use a diffrent more known download server
    3) Sign with a Digital Certificate
    1, 2 I cant really change since it is based on the hosting i have already purchaced.
    3 requires a Certificate to be purchaced and well we simply cant afford it.

Save Editors Not Saving
    We do not update load screens in game so you have to actually load into the game to see the changes (Save in game to see changes on the load screen)
    Steam Cloud Sync could be overwriting your save when loading the game (Disable Cloud Sync for the game)
    More info on disabling cloud sync at the site below

Where is the application installation location.
    To find the folder location, you can just run the app, open the Task Manager (CTRL-SHIFT-ESC), select the app and right-click|Open file location

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